Lenovo Announces New ThinkServer Models

Fully equipped with the latest Intel Xeon E3 processors, the two Thinkserver models have been announced by Lenovo. The tower servers ThinkServer TS140 and ThinkServer TS440 were introduced as affordable and silent working towers which are ideal for the medium sized businesses and also the Managed Service Providers who are in need of high performing servers which offer the maximum functionality in a given area.


If we compare the new servers with the previous generations, these work 15 percent faster and give more quality performance. This is with the help of the latest processors by Intel; the Xeon E3s. Side by side, the AMT 9.0 by Intel allows easy server maintenance with the help of the remote manageability tools. This new AMT technology by Intel has been made to suit the consoles of the MSP which allows ecosystem management.


The ThinkServer TS140 is the most silent working tower which is perfect for use in places where there is no acceptability of noise such as certain areas in offices and huge libraries. It has twice the input output expansion with a vast storage facility. The built in disk bays will support a storage space of up to 16 TB (allowing installation of four disks of 4 TB) which is ideal for storing large amounts of data and also keeping the system running fast at the same time. The ThinkServer TS140, which is available for a price of $421, offers its users the following specifications:

• KVM diagnostics and repair
• The power supply unit with efficiency promised up to 92%

The Thinkserver TS440 on the other hand is ideal for small and medium business offices and ensures the security of data and with its super quiet performance it is perfect for use in silent environments. The TS440 also has power supplies with 92% efficiency and a storage facility of up to 32 TB. This is available in the market for a price of $679.


Source: Lenovo | News Archive