Kingston Shows off 192 GB DDR4 Memory Kit!

While Intel was showing off their DDR4 memory reference test platform at IDF13 San Francisco, Kingston was showing their own DDR4, a massive 192 GB kit! The kit was made up of 12 DDR4 16 GB 2133 MHz modules. Seeing that it was made up of 12 modules we assume that it was running on some sort of server platform rather than a normal desktop platform.

Kingston DDR4

The DDR4 standard has been finalized as each 288-pin module draws only 1.2v of power compared to the DDR3 standard which is 1.5v. Kingston did not show any performance numbers, but this just shows DDR4 is ready and will be coming very soon!

Kingston DDR4

Images courtesy of Legit Reviews.

Source: Legit Reviews | News Archive

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