Gran Turismo 7 Coming To PlayStation 4 In 2014/2015

Talks about the release of the Gran Turismo 7 are making quite a stir among the game lovers and while they are already waiting for the yet-to-be-released Gran Turismo 6, they’re showered with anticipation about the release of the seventh generation. Gran Turismo 7, by the Polyphony Digital, is expected to come out for PlayStation 4 in a year or two.


It is not unusual for Polyphony Digital to take a long time to release a new game but there will be only a little gap between the releases of the Gran Turismo 6 and 7. Because of this, the seventh addition to the series must possess some enhanced features and qualities which will attract users of the Gran turismo 6 and encourage them to shift to the newer addition.

According to the CEO of Polyphony Digital, the PS3 is quite capable as a platform for high end video games but in order to support the latest hardware, the series of the popular video games had to be extended beyond that. So the new GT7 will be coming out soon exclusively for the PS4 users. But this release still has to wait for a long time, at least till the year 2015, and Sony might not be so happy with this delay. Without any backward compatibility, the PS4 users will not be able to upgrade the GT6 on the new hardware. Nevertheless, the new game’s ability to completely support the latest PS4 is enough to keep the fans waiting and excited.

Source: Polygon | News Archive