Intel Demos Haswell-E CPU With DDR4 Memory On X99 Chipset Based Motherboard

At IDF13 San Francisco Intel was showing off a PC running their next generation Haswell-E processor and new DDR4 memory. Our friends over at VR-Zone were able to get a good shot of the system and details on what was running and the new platform.

Intel DDR4 Reference Test Platform

The system you see pictured above is running an Intel Haswell-E processor which is based on the same micro architecture as the current 22nm Haswell processors. There were no specifications on the chip itself, but the system was running DDR4 quad-channel memory. The board in question was running an X99 chipset but it seemed to be a dev board rather than a retail board. The chip was running on the new LGA 2011-13 socket that will support Haswell-E processors, but will not support Ivy Bridge-E or Sandy Bridge-E processors due to different power configurations and the memory controller.

Intel DDR4 Reference Test Platform

Haswell-E will effectively replace the recently released Ivy Bridge-E CPUs. This will be the first time that Intel will be providing an 8-core CPU in their desktop lineup. Intel will be offering 6-8 core CPUs with their Haswell-E lineup that has a massive 20 MB of L3 smart cache and the same integrated voltage regulator as Haswell. This means the flagship Haswell-E chip will ship with a TDP of around 130-140W which is about 10-20W under the i7-3970X which only has 6 cores. Intel is shooting for a 55% IPC improvement over quad cores with Haswell-E.


Haswell-E will have native memory support up to 2667 MHz, unlocked PCH and PLL voltage controls and much more. The Haswell-E platfrom would support 40 PCI-Express lanes and would be directly connected to the DDR4 memory controller and the Wellsburg X99 chipset. Of course this being a higher-end chip it will not have built-in graphics like the Haswell mainstream chips.

Intel DDR4 Reference Test Platform

The DDR4 memory controller actually sits on the processor itself. New DDR4 memory modules only use 1.2v compared to 1.65v or 1.5v used with DDR3 memory. The X99 chipset will use 288-pin DIMM connectors. This memory controller will support quad channel memory with frequencies of 2133 MHz to 2667 MHz OC+.

Intel’s Haswell-E platform is expected to arrive between 2014-2015.

Images courtesy of VR-Zone.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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