HP Introduces the All New Chromebook14

HP has finally revealed its Chromebook 14 which is the first of its type to come equipped with the Haswell processors. It has been introduced with the highlights of giving fast access to the web, allowing ease of work and a 4G (which is optional) which ensures connectivity at all times.

HP Chromebook14

The HP Chromebook14 brings the ultimate visual experience for its users with a large display and will be available by this Holiday season in three different colors of coral peach, ocean turquoise and snow white. The Chromebook14 offers a 14 inch display with high quality graphics supporting the HD display.

Getting access to websites within flashes of seconds has now been made possible with the Chromebook14 as its ultimate aim is to provide for the fastest and easiest web access. The functions of the notebook have been collaborated with the desktop products by Google as it offers the Google experience with Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive and Google+.

No hindrances will be made in the fast browsing of the internet as the software keeps installing the updates on its own to allow busy users to work in a flow. The 16 GB SSD installed in the notebook enables faster access and saves time on start up. Some of the prominent features in the HP Chromebook14 have been listed below for a quick review:

• USB ports; 2.0 as well as 3.0
• Headphone and microphone jacks
• Easy connectivity

As a little treat offering for the users, HP is giving 200 MB of free data per month with certain models of the Chromebook14m meaning effortless access of 4G mobile broadband service on the T-mobile network. This offer is given without any contracts and will last for two years. Users of the Chromebook14 will also be able to access their important data with 100 GB of free storage facility on the Google Drive.

The HP Chromebook14 is expected to be available by this holiday season, starting from a price of $299.99.

Source: HP | News Archive