Lenovo Makes Home Cloud Storage Easy with the Beacon

There are quite a few different home cloud storage and NAS options out there, but lets admit they are ugly and look more like a real server than anything else. Lenovo introduces Beacon, their take on home cloud storage. I have to say the Beacon is just sexy!

Lenovo Beacon

The unit itself can house up to two 3.5-inch SATA drives for up to 6TB of total storage. It is based on Intel’s CE 5315 SoC which is actually designed for video streaming and transcoding. The unit does have an HDMI port on it and is loaded with XBMC for easy media viewing. There are also dual USB 3.0 ports for adding more functionality.

Lenovo Beacon

Of course you can easily stream content to multiple devices at once. They showed us HD content being streamed to a tablet, PC and mobile phone all at once and it worked perfectly. For iOS users the app is currently not ready yet, but will be very soon.

Lenovo Beacon

You will be able to pick up the Beacon in orange, blue, black and grey versions in April.


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