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Microsoft OneDrive
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Microsoft Office 365 Subscribers to get Free Unlimited OneDrive Cloud Storage

It looks like Microsoft is rewarding their Office 365 customers. They will be giving Office 365 subscribers free unlimited cloud storage via its OneDrive service. This roll out will begin immediately and will continue over the next few months. That means that you can get unlimited storage on OneDrive for as low as $6.99 a month with a Office 365 Personal subscription.

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage Review

While cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, SpiderOak, and more offer decent ways to store a few gigabytes of data for free, once a user passes that free mark, the price for storage increases significantly. Rather than pay a monthly fee, someone smart thought, why not use a user’s existing home network for storage instead? The WD MyCloud isn’t the first home network-attached storage device, but it is certainly among the easiest to set up that I’ve encountered. The MyCloud offers a unified access method - - to mount the storage and make it usable like a network drive no matter where in the world you are. With Time Machine-compatible backup and media playback servers, the MyCloud promises to be as useful remote as it is when you are sitting next to it. ThinkComputers takes a look at this promising cloud device and finds it not quite to be as clear skies as we’d like. Here’s the review.

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Connected Data Announces the new Transporter Sync

Connected Data was able to gather a lot of focus and remained under the limelight soon after its release of the Transporter v2.0 earlier in May this year and now it is back with a bang as it plans to exploit opportunities in the area of cloud storage. With this mission, they are bringing in the Transporter Sync. The Dropbox-like functionality of this will remain similar to that of its predecessor which can be termed as the bigger version of this one. Because of this feature, users will no longer be bound and tied with the annoying subscription fees.


Top 5 Personal Cloud Storage Services

What is the Cloud? "The Cloud" is the power word of the modern age. It refers to that magical place on the Internet where you can store all your documents and access them from anywhere. It's not magical at all, of course, just a simple matter of a good file hosting service, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Here is a look at the top 5 best personal cloud storage services to help you decide which cloud service is right for you.

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