Lenovo To Introduce ThinkBook Laptop With Transparent OLED Display

Lenovo is poised to potentially lead the industry by introducing a laptop with a transparent display. The company is preparing to unveil a cutting-edge design concept, showcasing technology highlighted by LG at CES 2024—a transparent OLED display. However, details of this laptop have prematurely surfaced through leaks before its scheduled official presentation at MWC later this month.


According to the information at hand, the laptop is expected to join the ThinkBook series, showcasing a fully transparent panel. While the background suggests it’s probably a Windows 11 laptop, the presented logo appears to be a rendered image.

The keyboard appears to be a singular glass surface, suggesting the potential for it being a touch panel rather than a conventional physical keyboard. When shut, the translucent screen allows the keyboard to remain visible, giving the impression of no screen at all.


Transparent OLED poses a challenge due to the lack of a black film, leading to a washed-out image. The LG Signature OLED T series, unveiled at CES 2024, tackles this problem by integrating a transparent film within the stand. This film can be placed behind the screen optionally, enhancing the OLED experience for a more authentic display.

Achieving this technology is also possible with various display panels, a concept frequently experimented with by PC modders who incorporate older screens as side panels in their cases. Unlike OLED, which can independently emit light, other technologies rely on a backlight— in this case, a light source originating from the chassis.


Source: Windows Report