Lexar JumpDrive P30 USB 3.2 Flash Drive Review


This is your standard USB flash drive so all you have to do to get it up and running is simply plug it into an open USB port on your PC.

Lexar JumpDrive P30 USB 3.2 Flash Drive

Once plugged in Windows will automatically detect the drive. The drive is formatted as exFAT and the 128GB version of the drive will have 116GB of usable space.

lexar p30 ss2

The drive does not come empty, on the drive you’ll find quick start guides for both Windows and Mac as well as an installed for Lexar’s DataShield application.

lexar p30 ss1


When you first go to install Lexar’s DataShield software it will ask you to create a password.

lexar p30 ss3

Once your password is created you’ll be prompted to enter it when you open the DataShield application up.

lexar p30 ss4

With the application open it is your simple “Protected Files” type of application which allows you to drag and drop files and folders over to the “My Protected Files” section. You can now only access these files when you have the application open. As a reminder this drive offers 256-bit AES encryption.

lexar p30 ss5

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