Lian Li SUP-01 Case Review

Lian Li is a name we all know. They of course started the whole aquarium-style PC case craze with their O11 Dyanmic case. Today they are introducing a new case which is definitely a bit different from what we’ve seen. The SUP-01 is a 45-liter case that is definitely made to show off your system, but you actually mount your graphics card in the front of the case thanks to an included PCIe riser card. This design of course changes the traditional nature of cooling the system so we’ll have to see if this is a case you should consider for a high performance build. Read on as we take a look!

Special thanks to Lian Li for providing us with the SUP-01 to review.

Lian Li SUP-01 Specifications

sup 01 specs


The SUP-01 comes in a typical retail box from Lian Li. On the front we have a picture of the case and on the back there is an overview of the actual size of the case.

Lian Li SUP-01 Lian Li SUP-01

Opening the box up we find the case nicely protected with large styrofoam and a plastic box. There is also a box of accessories included which has your instructions, mounting hardware, and an optional rear fan mount.

Lian Li SUP-01 Lian Li SUP-01

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