Liquid Cooled Colorful RTX 4070 Neptune Is Now Available For $829

The iGame RTX 4070 Neptune OC is now available in Japan. It’s a top-of-the-line product from Colorful, based on their most powerful PCB designed specifically for the RTX 4070 GPU. The iGame Neptune is a pre-overclocked model with a boost clock that goes up to 2640 MHz, which is a 6.7% increase over the regular clock speed.

IMG 4924

The card is equipped with a fully-custom PCB and features a 14+3 phase VRM. It needs a single 16-pin power connector to run and has a TDP that has been bumped up from the standard 200W to 230W. Whether that extra power is actually necessary or not is debatable, though.

The unique selling point of this RTX 4070 graphics card is not its PCB modifications, but its impressive cooling system. Among the 80+ custom models that have been announced, this is the only one so far that features liquid cooling. It comes with a dual-slot cooler that’s connected to an external 240mm radiator which is equipped with two fans. The card is designed with a silver color scheme and also comes with optional RGB lighting.

IMG 4925

The RTX 4070 iGame Neptune seems to be one of the most sophisticated graphics cards out there in terms of design, but it definitely comes at a premium price. At $829, it’s $230 (or 38%) more expensive than the NVIDIA MSRP. Considering the constraints of overclocking the RTX 4070, it might be difficult to convince gamers to buy this card when they could simply opt for any RTX 4070 Ti.

Via Gdm