Lofree Flow Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using the Lofree Flow for a few weeks now and I have to say it is probably my favorite low-profile keyboard that I’ve ever used! It seems as if Lofree has taken everything we love about custom full-size mechanical keyboards and put it into one really awesome low-profile keyboard.

First you are getting a nice low-profile design that is going to look great on your desk and be small enough to easily take with you anywhere. Lofree decided to go with an all aluminum casing, which just looks and feels awesome. Next is the combination of the Kailh full POM mechanical switches and PBT keycaps. An all POM design really makes for a smooth typing experience, but I really like the idea of the switches getting smoother over time. I’ve raved about PBT keycaps and how they feel so much better than ABS keycaps and it is reaally great to see them on a low-profile keyboard.

With an aluminum casing you always have to worry about “pinging” when typing, but Lofree has combated this with their gasket-mount design as well as silicone and foam inserts. The sound that this keyboard makes when you are typing is extremely satisfying and the best I’ve heard from a low-profile keyboard. On top of that the typing experience is extremely comfortable.

Lofree Flow Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

The white backlighting behind the keys and the RGB side lights are a nice addition. Some people may complain that you don’t get per-key RGB backlighting, but I really think that would take away from the sleek look of the keyboard. With keyboards like this a lot of the time you get 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, but that is missing on this keyboard. I think that helps Lofree keep the price down, as currently on the Kickstarter the keyboard is $129 and will later retail for $149.

Typically when I review low-profile keyboards I sort of know what to expect, but I really was blown away by the Lofree Flow. As it stands it is my favorite low-profile keyboard that I’ve ever reviewed. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lofree Flow Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

rating9 10 TC award editorschoice

– Sleek design
– Aluminum casing
– Kailh full POM mechanical switches
– Extremely comfortable
– Sounds great
– PBT keycaps
– Works with PC & Mac

– No angle adjustment
– Not 2.4 GHz wireless

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