Kingston Workflow Station and Readers Review

If you are a digital creator you know how important workflow is and being able to easily off-load footage. Me personally I have a DSLR, action camera, drone, and a secondary point and shoot camera. All of these devices have different types of memory cards, which can make your workflow a chaotic. Well Kingston has the solution to that in their Workflow Station and Workflow Readers. Essentially the Workflow Station is a USB 3.2 hub that works with removable Readers for a very streamlined and customizable setup. If you are a digital creator you are going to want to read on!

Special thanks to Kingston for providing us with their Workflow Station and Readers to review.


kingston workflow station specs


The Kingston Workflow Station comes in your typical retail box. On the front there is a picture of the station as well as the included USB mini hub module. On the back there is some information on the Workflow Station and a list of everything that comes in the package.

Kingston Workflow Station Kingston Workflow Station

Getting everything out of the box we have the Workflow Station, USB mini hub module, USB-C cable, and a power adapter.

Kingston Workflow Station

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