Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset Review

Installation & Usage
As I said our headset from Geeks.com did not come with any software, but it can be easily downloaded from Logitech’s website.  The headset will work without the software, but you will not be able to use some of the features.  The Logitech software is pretty straight forward.  It is separated in to 4 different sections.

At the top left you have your levels and you can select what the microphone light does.  Moving over to the right you have the G Keys profile management.  You can setup different profiles for the 3 “G” keys that are on the headset.  On the bottom left you have a surround sound indicator.  And finally on the bottom right there is the voice morphing settings.

Ok let’s get started on the testing.  The first thing I noticed when I put the headset on was how comfortable they were.  They fit completely around my ears and the headband at the top does not bother me at all.

Ok I’m first going to start with the music test.  I listened to many different types of music without Dolby Headphone enabled at first.  I listened to many different types of music from rock to hip hop.  The sound quality was great and with the headphones on my head they canceled out many outside noises.  Not to the extent of noise cancellation headphones, but with them on you do feel like you are in the zone.

Now let’s flip the switch and enable Dolby Headphone.  Dolby Headphone enables realistic multichannel surround sound from any set of headphones up to 7.1 channels.  Still listening to music I was really impressed when I enabled Dolby Headphone.  The sound was much clearer and it seemed like the band I was listening to was in the room with me, like I was at a concert.

Moving on to movies I decided to watch The Matrix on Blu-ray.  The sound was great with Dolby Headphone enabled.  You could hear where bullet shots were coming from and the sound was so clear, such an improvement over my old headset, it is not even fair to compare the 2.

Now the fun part games.  It is not that often I get to sit down and play games, but while testing this headset I put in a few hours on Battlefield Bad Company 2.  I played this game extensively when it first came out with my old headset.  Using the G35 the game seemed so much more immersive and battles seemed more intense.  This is probably because the sound was clearer and seemed to be coming from all around me.

Finally I went on to test out the microphone on the G35.  This was done using Ventrilo.  I used my old headset mic and then the one on the G35.  I had 4 people listening and they said that the microphone on the G35 sounded much better and they could hear me more clearly.

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