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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse Review

Usage & Testing
You can simply plug in the mouse to your PC and it will work right off the bat, but if you want to customize anything you will need to download and install Logitech’s Gaming Software. When you open it up the software you are able to customize the functions of the buttons on the mouse, change your DPI values, and change the polling rate. You can select 4 different DPI levels up to 4000 DPI and 4 different polling rates.


You can change the light settings of the mouse as well. While the “G” logo only lights up blue you can change the brightness, set a breathing effect and speed of that and set a sleep timer for the illumination to turn off.


There is an included tool that will test how fast you are using your mouse. It will show you the difference between just the optical sensor only and the optical sensor with Logitech’s Fusion Engine.


The software also allows you to update the firmware on the mouse and save / load profiles from the onboard memory.

I have been using the G402 Hyperion Fury for about 3 weeks now and I have to say that I really like it. My hand actually fits perfectly on the mouse and in a very unique way. My middle finger sits on the scroll wheel while the two opposite fingers sit on the main mouse buttons, my thumb of course sits on the left side and my pinky on the right side. I really haven’t used a mouse where I would rest my middle finger on the scroll wheel, but it just felt right.

I have been playing quite a lot of different FPS games to test this mouse. These include Evolve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Pay Day 2, Team Fortress 2 and more. As I said with this unique grip I had on the mouse I was able to scroll through weapons without removing my fingers from the main mouse buttons. The mouse also tracked very well and I did not notice that sensor failing at all, and do remember the Fusion Engine picks up if the sensor does fail. The DPI shift or precision aim button is pretty cool too, it will slow down your DPI (to the setting you select) when pressed. This is great if you are playing some type of sniper class in game. The mouse glided across my mousepad without any issues either and the weight of the mouse seemed just right for playing FPS games.

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