Logitech To Release G Pro X Superlight 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse Soon!

Logitech appears to be gearing up for the release of an advanced gaming mouse designed for both competitive gamers and esports professionals at the top level. Known as the G Pro X Superlight 2, this upcoming mouse follows in the footsteps of the G Pro X Superlight from 2020, boasting numerous significant improvements. These enhancements include a fresh sensor and the ability to charge via USB Type-C.

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This unannounced mouse is expected to be released within the upcoming weeks and is projected to have a price of approximately 160 Euros, varying by country. Although the US pricing remains uncertain, it’s likely that the Superlight 2 will end up costing a similar amount after factoring in taxes. Considering that the previous G Pro X Superlight launched at $150, a price range of $150 to $160 for the Superlight 2 is within the expected range.

As mentioned earlier, one of the notable enhancements introduced with the G Pro X Superlight 2 is an upgraded iteration of their in-house Hero sensor, referred to as the Hero 2. This enhanced sensor is reported to offer an increased DPI resolution of 32,000, resulting in a 28% improvement in mouse tracking performance from a technical perspective. Additionally, the Hero 2 sensor supports higher acceleration, accommodating “more than 40Gs” of acceleration. Furthermore, the polling rate has been doubled compared to the previous sensor, going from 1000Hz to 2000Hz. (It’s worth noting that Razer currently leads the market in signal rate with its 8000Hz gaming mice.)

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Logitech’s second version of the Superlight has brought enhancements to both weight and battery life. The weight has been reduced by a precise 3 grams, bringing it down from 63 grams to 60 grams. This change makes the mouse even lighter than its predecessor, which is already one of the lightest gaming mice available. In terms of battery life, there has been a substantial increase from 70 hours in the previous model to an impressive 95 hours in the new Superlight 2, marking a remarkable 36% improvement in runtime.

The Superlight 2 introduces a refreshed charging connector, now adopting the USB Type-C standard. This marks a departure from previous Logitech G Pro series mice, which used the older Micro-USB standard for charging. Although Micro-USB does serve its purpose, it can be inconvenient since it necessitates carrying an extra cable alongside your Type-C charging cables. The shift to USB Type-C enables the use of any Type-C charging cable with the mouse. Additionally, if Logitech provides the Superlight 2 with the same Type-C accessories as the new G502 X Plus, you’ll have the convenience of plugging the mouse into a computer or laptop’s Type-C port for both charging and wired operation.

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The anticipated arrival of the G Pro X Superlight 2 is set for two weeks from now, maintaining a comparable price to its predecessor. Similarly, the color options are expected to remain consistent, offering the Superlight 2 in black, white, and magenta color schemes.

Via WinFuture