LUXA2 Lavi D Bluetooth Headphones Review

Setup & Usage
Before you go ahead and use the headset you are going to want to charge it up. Just plug in the supplied microUSB cable to the headset and the USB end to any charger or even your PC. When the headset is charging the LEDs on the left earcup will light up red, when it is fully charged they will change to blue.

LUXA2 Lavi D Bluetooth Headphones

The headset should take a little over an hour to fully charge and that charge will give you around 15-16 hours of playback time.

Once charged, you can turn the headset on. Now the directions say once the headset is on to hold the power button for 7 seconds, but I found that just turned the headset off. To actually get the headset paired make sure it is off and press and hold the power button for 7 seconds. You will see both the red and blue LEDs on the left earcup start flashing. This means you are in pairing mode. The Lavi D should now show up in your Bluetooth devices list on the device you want to use it with. Simply select it to pair and you are good to go.

I have been using the Lavi D for a few weeks as the main headset I use with my laptop and iPhone. The one thing I really like about it is I can get up from my desk and walk in the other room and I don’t miss a second of whatever I might be listening to. As far as the audio quality goes the 40 mm drivers sound great and because the earcups go over your ears you get a more immersive experience than say using a set of earbuds.

I used the headset to take a few calls and while the people on the other end said they could hear me clearly, they also mentioned that they could hear themselves. I assume this is because the microphone is actually located on one of the earcups.

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