Massive Quad-slot Cooler For Unreleased 900W GeForce RTX 40 GPU Spotted

Several sources have speculated that NVIDIA is developing 800W Ada GPUs after the canceling TITAN Ada GPUs, although no official announcement has been made until now.

NVIDIA RTX 40 900W COOLER 2 1800x1306 1

According to a leak, this newly leaked cooling design was intended for a 900W NVIDIA GPU. That is the maximum power that the device is capable of producing. Therefore the actual thermal design power may be substantially lower. The leak source has access to more images, but just a selected number of them were included in the publication. Considering the number of X-shaped frames created, it’s safe to infer that this isn’t a troll post and instead represents a legitimate quad-slot concept.

NVIDIA RTX 40 900W COOLER 3 700x426 1

It appears that the 900W cooler would use an entirely different heatsink. It is interesting to note that the fins would run parallel to the card PCB rather than angled. Furthermore, the cold plate is put on one side; does this imply that the PCB is likewise turned by 90 degrees? Or is it merely additional cooling for something else?

Although it is improbable, it would be fantastic if NVIDIA clarified what is seen in these photographs. It’s an intriguing design, to be sure. However, we’re unsure how someone could put this big cooler inside their case.

NVIDIA RTX 40 900W COOLER 1 700x426 1