MaxSun Sticking With A Dual 8-Pin Power Connectors For Their RTX 4070 SUPER GPUs

Before the RTX 40 SUPER series debut, there were speculations hinting that all upcoming custom designs would lack standard PCIe 6/8-pin power connectors. NVIDIA had mandated the use of a 16-pin (12VHPWR) power connector for all SUPER cards. However, with the recent launch of the RTX 4070 SUPER, it was confirmed that not all new cards adhered to this mandate, disproving earlier assumptions.


In defiance of NVIDIA’s directives, a particular brand has disregarded the request and chosen the conventional dual 8-pin power connector setup. This modification is evident in the RTX 4070 SUPER iCraft, a custom design crafted by the Chinese company MaxSun, as observed by @9550pro on the official company store.


It’s noteworthy that MaxSun offers two additional models of the RTX 4070 SUPER, both complying with the 16-pin connector mandate. The distinctive feature of the iCraft design in black extends beyond being the only GPU in MaxSun’s lineup with this power connector—it’s also the sole one across the entire RTX 4070 SUPER product portfolio, spanning all board partners, which currently number close to 70.


While it’s conceivable that this might be an oversight, considering occasional typos from board partners, the consistent confirmation of the power connector setup through photos, product marketing slides, and detailed specifications implies otherwise.

Source: MaxSun