Meet ViiBE, the remote visual support solution that is now integrated within Microsoft Dynamics?

In recent times, more businesses now require better IT solutions that have CRM and ERP capabilities. The introduction of remote visual support solutions to help businesses has been a huge success. Like all Saas applications, Microsoft Dynamics remains a vital modular software that can be integrated with remote visual tools for smooth business operations. Let’s show how remote support tools like ViiBE can be integrated easily within Microsoft Dynamics.

The emergence of cloud-based remote visual support alternatives

Because of the increasing needs of businesses and problems associated with some cloud-based remote visual support tools, there has been a creation of viable alternatives. These alternative tools aim to perform a better network connection than earlier models.

ViiBE is an excellent cloud-based remote visual support alternative that can do better than other alternatives in performance, cost and flexibility.

The benefits of remote visual support software program

There are many benefits of remote assistance solutions, and they include:

Quick technical support

This is an important benefit of using the right remote support tool because it tends to provide instant support for all issues. Companies who use this tool will get immediate assistance from IT teams at all times. Installation is simple and there aren’t any complex setup processes.

Enhances Efficiency

Remote visual support solutions offer better efficient answers for all IT remote issues. All aspects of the network are covered and monitored in real-time from one location.

The software allows proper network management services leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations which include editing permission and access settings so that only staff have controls. With the Covid-19 still active, staff can work remotely.


It is cheaper getting a remote visual support staff than full-time staff. Using a suitable remote visual tool eliminates unnecessary travel costs and transportation expenses.


This support solution removes problems associated with visiting your client physically. All you need to do when you have this software is provide good IT support events without seeing your customer.

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What are the advantages of being cloud-based solutions?

Cloud-based solutions come with many advantages, which include:

Save cost

They are a cheaper IT solution than earlier modes of support solutions. Depending on the plans you subscribe to, you can get a good bargain, especially when purchasing top tools like ViiBE.

Improve collaboration

Cloud-based solutions make collaboration between the support team and the client easier. Working together with customers may be complicated when there are no means to visually ascertain problems.

Improve data security

According to Cybersecurity experts at the pentagon, there has been a 35% increase in data theft in the United States alone. Scaling cloud applications will mitigate attacks from hackers who want to steal vital information from your network.

Automatic software updates

With the right cloud-based solution, your system will get automatic software updates that will provide better performance for your computer.

Updates are important to solve various bug problems which might slow system performance. With cloud-based tools like ViiBE, you get the best software updates at the right time.

Environmental advantages

The world is moving towards green energy and eradicating C02 emissions. C02 accounts for nearly 78% of greenhouse emissions. Cloud-based solutions can provide several environmental benefits because it limits the number of vehicles being used by employees. If staff can work from anywhere, vehicle movements will reduce.

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How to use it directly in Microsoft Dynamics?

Using cloud-based visual support solutions in Microsoft Dynamics depends on the type of cloud-based software that you acquire. Dynamics are quick to use for everyone.

One click and immediate integration into Microsoft Dynamics

When starting the ViiBE integration in Microsoft Dynamics ticketing on the platform, all customers have to do is go directly into the CRM marketplace, the solution will then become a module.

With ViiBE visual support tool integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can get excellent video calls, screen sharing and other enhanced annotations all with just one click on your system.

Why should you integrate it?

Integrating ViiBE in the Microsoft Dynamics ticketing system is important because of the following reasons:


ViiBE has excellent screen-sharing functionality with Microsoft Dynamics because it lets them have a clear image with sound. Because of this, it saves time and creates better productivity.

No download is required

A major flaw in recent technical advancement is the continued downloading of applications. This has adverse effects on systems, especially when it becomes too much. Microsoft Dynamics works best with ViiBE because it can be used without creating an account or downloading. All that is required to do is to insert someone’s number and email address using WebRTC technology by ViiBE.

The ability to transfer files during or after video phone calls

Using ViiBE with Microsoft Dynamics allows seamless transfer of files at any given time. It doesn’t affect video calls flow anytime.

Live video support assets for Microsoft Dynamics 360 users

Businesses that use live video support regularly will enjoy the integration of ViiBE in Microsoft Dynamics. This live video support helps companies during marketing, after-sales and presales. They get a better chance to sell their products and services and use ecommerce marketing strategies ideas.

ViiBE adds value to the archiving system of Microsoft Dynamics

During meetings and presentations, you need an excellent documentation and annotation system. ViiBE integrated into Microsoft Dynamics lets you store vital information in your CRM safely.

ViiBE adds value to the Microsoft Dynamics ticketing system

Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent avenue for businesses to organize and manage all their processes. It is important to a company because it eases workflow and promotes efficiency. Integrating ViiBE into the Microsoft Dynamics ticketing system because It provides a unique information base that is safe and secured.

The impact of remote visual support tools on businesses.

Using remote visual support tools in your businesses affects it positively, because of the endless possibilities it offers. Here are some impacts of these remote visual support solutions.

Improve customer satisfaction

With reliable remote visual support tools like ViiBE, customers are happy with your services. NPS, FCR or tech support provides positive statistics and shows that businesses can improve customer satisfaction with visual support every time. There is also useful information in videos, images when solving problems.

Improving your customer’s experience and the support you provide them will also lead to a reduced SaaS churn rate.

Reduce Cost and optimize your asset management

Using the right support, remote support tools like ViiBE provides a cheaper alternative to solve issues without the need of moving anywhere. Some available professionals have the time and expertise to solve issues because they don’t have a displacement time. Businesses are able to better manage their technical recruitment, enjoying closer control of their staffing resources.

Reduce your C02 emission and carbon footprint

With the world gradually moving towards safe energy, using remote support tools allows businesses to track how many experts’ displacements have been avoided.

Businesses can easily calculate these C02 emissions reductions using the appropriate method. With ViiBE, you can access this vital information which will make the world safer.

The integration of the ViiBE remote visual support tool within Microsoft Dynamics is simple and provides businesses with endless opportunities.