Megalodon Easter Egg Found in Battlefield 4

Easter Eggs have been in video games for the longest time and they are quite fun to find and activate. With games like Battlefield 4 they are quite hard to find and usually require multiple people in a server to create the specific conditions. Yesterday a group of Easter Egg hunters found out how to trigger the event called “Calling the Megalodon” in the map ‘Parcel Storm’.

Megalodon Easter Egg in Battlefield 4

This Easter Egg has been speculated to exist in the game since launch. It appeared for the first time on Premium Multiplayer map called ‘Nansha Strike’ over a year ago. DICE has included this Easter Egg with the latest patch to the CTE (Community Test Environment). This cannot be found on the retail version of the game, but premium members can sign up to get access to the CTE.

The video below by Youtuber JackFrags shows how the Easter Egg was discovered and how to trigger it.

Quite interesting to see how Battlefield players followed the clues to find the Easter Egg!

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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