MeLE Launches Fanless Stick PC Powered By Alder Lake-N Processor

MeLE introduces a fanless stick PC featuring an Alder Lake-N processor. These compact systems, such as the MeLE stick PC, are not designed for gaming or demanding tasks but are ideal for office settings where portability is crucial. Unlike laptops, they are pocket-sized and do not need a separate power source.

The MeLE system, measuring a compact 146×61x20mm and weighing only 184 grams, about the size of a modern smartphone, operates on Intel N100 processors from the “Alder Lake-N” series. Equipped with four cores, all of which are Efficient cores running between 0.8 GHz to 3.4 GHz, its power efficiency makes up for the lack of Performance cores.


It is compatible with the USB PD3.0 protocol, enabling power input from sources ranging from 12V to 23V and delivering at least 24 watts, such as power banks, docking stations, or monitors. Configuration options include 8 or 16GB of LPDDR4X-4266 memory and 128 or 256GB of eMMC storage, although it lacks expandable storage. Nevertheless, it offers up to 2 USB 3.2 ports for connecting external storage devices.

Equipped with Intel UHD Graphics boasting 24 Execution Units and capable of supporting two 4K 60 Hz screens, it does not support DisplayPort, and the USB Type-C port does not feature DP Alt Mode. The system’s passive cooling system utilizes its polymer shell, which has a high heat capacity, to effectively dissipate CPU heat.


The N100-powered system is currently unavailable, but upon release, it will be priced at $269.99 to $289.99 for the 8GB/128GB and 16GB/256GB variants. Moreover, the company provides more affordable options based on Gemini Lake and Jasper Lake, ranging from $190 to $210.

It’s worth noting that the MeLE “Stick PC” isn’t the only pocket-sized N100-based system in development. At CES, Minisforum unveiled their system housed in a white chassis, capable of being powered through an Ethernet port (PoE), and featuring faster WiFi-6, whereas the MeLE system only supports WiFi-5.


Source & Images: PCWatch