MicroCenter Will Sell You A Graphics Card at MSRP If You Buy Other Components

MicroCenter has always been known for great deals on PC components, they are famously known for selling CPUs below MSRP rates. It looks like the retailer is trying to ensure that gamers can get their hands on graphics cards, at non-outrageous prices the retailer is willing to sell you one graphics card at MSRP provided that you also have a processor, motherboard, memory kit, and power supply in your cart.


This offer is of course made to help people who are trying to build their own PC, but of course if you are just looking to upgrade your graphics card you are out of luck. This offer can be redeemed once per delivery address.

Best Buy is another retailer who is selling graphics cards at prices close to MSRP, if you can find them in stock. Popular online retailers like Amazon and Newegg have been making a killing, last we checked a GTX 1080 Ti was going for $1400!

The main reason for the demand and short supply of these graphics cards is of course crypto-currency mining, which has basically exploded over the past year making it almost impossible to buy a graphics card at retail price. The only other real option is to buy a pre-built system.

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