Microsoft in Talks to Acquire Discord for $10 Billion

According to sources familiar with the matter Microsoft is in talks to acquire Discord for $10 Billion. Discord is of course a major chat and collaboration platform that is very popular with gamers, PC enthusiasts, e-sports players, and just the tech community in general. There are currently over 100 million monthly active users on the platform. Be sure to check out our Discord Server!


The platform has grown from not only a chat platform but as a collaboration utility as its free service model provides audio chat and group video. Discord has had acquisition talks in the past with Epic Games and Amazon, so we will see if this deal goes through.

Microsoft buying Discord might not be the worst thing, but also might not be the best. We all can remember what happened to Mixer (previously Beam). Microsoft bought the company in 2016 to compete against Twitch and YouTube on livestreaming and gaming, even bringing Ninja over to the platform, but in June of 2020 the service was completely shut down.

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