Microsoft Patents Multiplayer Gaming Headset, Could Rival Oculus Rift

Microsoft has filed exclusive rights application for a new multiplayer gaming headset which encloses features such as voice interaction, eye tracking, facial recognition, accelerometers and gyroscopes, which efficiently sounds like a mixture of Google Glass and Oculus Rift.


Don’t be misguided, it clearly doesn’t mean Microsoft will be bringing the product to market, they could simply protect a wild trial product they made to stop their competitors cashing in on the ideas they used. Yet this information is the first confirmation of the headset since it was originally leaked in the Microsoft documents about Xbox One a couple of months ago, even though this headset clearly goes further than the living room environment of the Xbox One, as the leaked picture shows people out and about with the set in use.


The patent application covers the topic of natural speech voice recognition, multiplayer gaming and connectivity. It does make sense that Microsoft would be looking into this division, especially for the fact since Oculus Rift seems all ready to run the market with no hard competition as far as consumer grade VR tech is concerned.

Looking forward to expect something from Microsoft any time soon.

Source: TechCrunch | News Archive