Sunday, July 15, 2018

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NVIDIA Looking at Sales Ban In Samsung Patent Dispute

The patent dispute between NVIDIA and Samsung has been going on for some time now. Well it does not look like things are going well for NVIDIA as Samsung is counter-suing over infringing on their own patents. NVIDIA could be possibly be looking at a sales ban, a United States International Trade Commission (US-ITC) judge held that NVIDIA is violating at least three Samsung Patents.

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Asetek Suing Cooler Master over Patent Infringements

s many of you know Asetek is a manufacturer of closed-loop liquid cooling systems that are re-branded by several companies. They have filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Cooler Master saying that Cooler Master has infringed upon patent numbers 8,240,362 and 8,245,764 held by Asetek. The Cooler Master products in question are the Seidon line of closed-loop CPU coolers.

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Carnegie Mellon University Wins $1.17 Billion Verdict Against Marvell Semiconductor

Today a Pittsburgh jury ruled that hard drive control chips made my Marvell Semiconductor infringe on two patents owned by Carnegie Mellon University. After a 4 week trial in federal court nine jurors unanimously agreed that Marvell should pay the full sum that CMU's lawyers asked for which is $1,169,140,271 in damages. Of course the verdict has to hold up on appeal, but if it does it will be the largest patent verdict in history, beating out the $1.05 billion verdict against Samsung for infringing patents own by Apple. This will also wipe out a year of profits at Marvell, which made a little over $900 million in 2011.

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