Microsoft To Introduce “Dynamic Lighting” In Windows 11 For Seamless RGB Control

Microsoft is set to introduce official integrated RGB lighting controls for gaming PCs on Windows 11 through the Dynamic Lighting feature. By providing a centralized hub, the company aims to simplify the RGB experience by eliminating the need for separate software installations for each component.

In a recent blog post on the Windows Developer website, Microsoft unveiled their latest feature named “Dynamic Lighting.” Although official details are still forthcoming, leaked images shared on Twitter by user Albacore have provided a glimpse into the potential appearance of this feature.

Within the Windows 11 settings interface, users have the ability to modify various aspects such as screen brightness, lighting effects, and color scheme. Additionally, there is a feature that allows for seamless synchronization between the hardware components and Windows’ accent color.

Many new users who desire a meticulously synchronized setup often find RGB customization to be a cumbersome process. This is primarily due to the need to deal with numerous software modules from different companies, each offering its own proprietary RGB control software. Microsoft aims to alleviate this inconvenience by offering a seamless solution within Windows 11 itself, eliminating the necessity of relying on third-party applications.

IMG 5384

In a post on the Windows Developer site, Microsoft acknowledges the growing popularity of lighted accessories, recognizing that they can enhance the energy and emotional impact of the PC experience. However, the company also acknowledges the fragmented nature of many of these accessories, which often rely on third-party apps and integrations.

While access to this feature is available in newer build versions of Windows 11, we recommend avoiding the hassle for now. In its current state, it appears as “Ambient Lighting” in the build version and does not function as intended. However, we remain hopeful that it will work effectively upon the official release, though Microsoft’s reliability can sometimes be uncertain.

Via Microsoft