GALAX Launches GeForce RTX 4090 Hydro Series With AIO Liquid Cooling

GALAX has discreetly launched the RTX 4090 Hydro Series, a graphics card that draws inspiration from NVIDIA’s top-tier RTX 40 SKU. While not officially recognized as part of the HOF (Hall of Fame) lineup, it undeniably possesses the attributes of a high-end GPU in terms of its design and specifications.

IMG 5385

The HYDRO White variant comes with a 360mm external radiator and 50 cm long tubes for efficient cooling. Despite relying on the radiator for cooling, the card is not compact in size. Unlike the standard 13.5 cm width (measured from the I/O bracket’s height), this model has a width of 15 cm. This could be attributed to GALAX’s customized board design, although this specific aspect was not depicted in the provided visuals.

As stated on the official website, this particular model features a full-cover aluminum alloy backplate and does not incorporate any fans directly on the card itself. The low-profile water pump remains concealed beneath a polygonal-shaped shroud, resulting in minimal air exhaust points on the card. Effective heat dissipation is achieved through the utilization of a 360mm radiator accompanied by three dual-bearing 120mm fans.

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GALAX has confirmed that the RTX 4090 Hydro will be equipped with a clock speed of 2580 MHz, which falls slightly behind other AIO (All-In-One) solutions in terms of clock speed. Compared to the Colorful iGame Neptune (2640 MHz) and the MSI Suprim X Liquid (2640 MHz), it is not the highest clock available. However, it surpasses Gigabyte’s AORUS Waterforce (2565 MHz) and matches Inno3D’s iChill Black (2580 MHz). It is evident that there is a wide range of AIO solutions to choose from for the RTX 4090, and GALAX is not limiting itself to just the White edition, as the company plans to unveil a black edition in the near future.

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