T-Force Z54A PCIe Gen5 SSD With Up To 14 GB/s Read Speed Teased By TeamGroup

Many storage companies prioritize achieving read speeds of 10 GB/s or higher, but TeamGroup is pushing the boundaries of PCIe Gen5 even further. While the Intel Alder Lake platform was prepared for Gen5 SSDs in 2021, it took until the end of last year for next-generation storage to become available. However, with the introduction of the AMD AM5 platform, the wait for Gen5 SSDs is no longer necessary.

The T-Force Z54A PCIe Gen5 SSD raises the bar with impressive read and write speeds reaching up to 14,000 MB/s and 10,000 MB/s respectively. Unlike most commercially available Gen5 SSDs that utilize the Phison E26 controller, this SSD benefits from new controllers developed by InnoGrit. The Phison E26 typically delivers read speeds ranging from 10-12 GB/s. However, it’s worth noting that the 12nm IG5666 controller featured in the T-Force Z54A is unique and hasn’t been seen in other storage products yet, so the claims about its performance still require verification.

IMG 5414

The introduction of the Z54A SSD is part of TeamGroup’s Computex series of announcements. Alongside this product, the company showcased their new Siren Duo AIO cooler designed for both the CPU and SSD. While it’s uncertain whether the high speeds of the Z54A SSD necessitate the use of this cooler, considering the heat concerns associated with Gen5 technology and the importance of cooling, it appears unlikely to achieve such performance without some form of cooling solution.

No additional information, such as complete product specifications, availability, or pricing, was provided by the company. However, it is probable that further details will be disclosed during the upcoming Computex event next week.

Via TeamGroup