MSI Announces Z790 MAX Motherboard Series With Wi-Fi 7 And 5 GbE LAN Support

MSI is introducing a mid-generation upgrade for Intel Z790 motherboards known as the MAX series. This product line allows MSI to refresh and enhance their current motherboards without needing to wait for an entirely new series. The Z790 ACE is the initial board to receive this MAX treatment, and there are more boards in the pipeline to follow suit.

IMG 5476

MSI has officially announced that the Z790 MAX will receive upgraded networking capabilities, including support for Wi-Fi 7 for wireless networks and 5 GbE for Ethernet. This is a notable improvement compared to the non-MAX version, which offers dual 2.5 GbE and Wi-Fi 6E support.

In addition to the Z790 Ace MAX, MSI is showcasing another motherboard at the Computex 2023 show floor. They are providing a sneak peek at their B650 Project Zero motherboard, which features connectors located on the back.

IMG 5477

According to MSI, they have positioned all power connectors for power, fans, and peripherals on the rear side of the motherboard. This placement is said to enable improved cable management, resulting in a neater and more aesthetically pleasing setup. It is worth noting that using a compatible chassis is necessary to take advantage of this feature. Fortunately, MSI offers complete systems and cases, so finding a suitable chassis should not pose any difficulties.

Via BenchLife