ASRock Reveals Z790 Phantom Gaming NOVA Motherboard

The ASRock Z790 Phantom Gaming Nova motherboard is set to be released soon and is built upon Intel’s top-tier chipset for the 13th Gen Core CPUs. As per the official announcement, this motherboard will mark ASRock’s initial venture into supporting WiFi7 and 5 GbE networking, similar to the recently unveiled MSI Z790 MAX series. ASRock has verified that the Z790 NOVA will incorporate a 20+1+1 SPS Dr.MOS power delivery design.

Notably, ASRock has highlighted the readiness of their NOVA board to accommodate future CPUs with higher power demands. While Intel has not officially confirmed the release of their Raptor Lake CPUs, leaked roadmaps suggest that they are indeed on the horizon.

So far, there has been no indication that the refresh would result in higher power consumption. In fact, it was anticipated that the refresh would support DLVR (Digital Linear Voltage Regulator), a feature initially listed for Raptor Lake desktop CPUs in late 2022. However, it was later confirmed that this feature would be disabled on the 13th Gen/700-series platform. ASUS suggests that it might still be enabled for future CPUs. This technology was rumored to significantly reduce the power consumption of desktop CPUs.

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ASRock unveils its new PHANTOM GAMING lineup and proudly announces the high-end model Z790 Nova WiFi7, the NOVA symbolizes the dazzling light and energy of a star explosion which provides powerful support to the gamers. The new motherboard equipped with latest WiFi7 and 5Gbps LAN to provide fastest internet connection, and to support the even more power hungry future CPUs.

— ASRock

ASRock is also introducing new Z790 Riptide WiFi and Lightning WiFi boards. Moreover, they have announced a new line of Taichi Lite series. The company plans to release Z790 and B650 Taichi Lite boards, which will feature the same 24-phase VRM design but with a simplified concept design.

Via ASRock