PNY & Cooler Master Show Off 4.5-slot GeForce RTX 4090

PNY has teamed up with Cooler Master for one of the largest GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card ever! This new design is called the VERTO ARGB Dual Fan. The card will make use of two very large 120 mm fans developed by Cooler Master.


The card itself is a 4.5-slot thick card, which easily extends over its 3-slot I/O bracket. While the card is only 310 mm long, it is a whopping 89mm thick, making it even thicker than the ASUS x Noctua RTX 4080 (310 × 144.8 × 87.5 mm). Both cards feature 120 mm fans, but this design is slightly thicker. It is unclear which Cooler Master fans are being used for this card. They could be an RGB version of the Mobius fans we saw at CES back in January.


It is worth noting that this is currently a prototype and concept. It has not been confirmed if this card will ever make it to the retail market. With the popularity of the ASUS x Noctua card it should be a pretty easy decision for PNY and Cooler Master to move forward with this.

Via Becnhlife

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