ASUS Announces ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 GPU With 360mm AIO Cooler And Liquid Metal

ASUS has introduced the latest addition to their ROG Matrix lineup during a special event today. This new graphics card boasts an advanced All-in-One cooling system, equipped with a substantial 360mm radiator and three ROG MF-12S ARGB fans. ASUS claims that this efficient cooling solution can maintain the card’s temperature below 60°C even under a demanding 450W TGP, delivering optimal performance.

IMG 5490

ASUS’ latest Matrix graphics card will be among the pioneering options to incorporate liquid metal directly onto the die, which is known to be a complex endeavor for GPUs. According to ASUS, their custom-designed coldplate will provide comprehensive coverage for the GPU, memory, and VRM section, ensuring no liquid metal spills occur. The company has successfully developed a technique to safely apply liquid metal, even when the card is installed vertically. Notably, ASUS already has experience with liquid metal, as this thermal compound is currently utilized in all their gaming ROG laptops.

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ASUS has addressed a major design flaw commonly found in graphics cards with AIO coolers by introducing a magnetic connector for the fans on their Matrix series. This innovative feature eliminates visible cables on the radiator, simplifying cable management. While there is still a cable required for color synchronization and power supply to the fans and radiator, ASUS claims that it cleverly conceals this cable within one of the cooling tubes. This advancement marks a significant improvement in AIO cooler design.

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ASUS plans to release the ROG Matrix RTX 4090 next quarter as a collectors’ edition, with a price tag close to $2000, as reported by the company.