DeepCool Unveils the Morpheus Dual-chamber Case During Computex 2023

During the 2023 Computex event, DeepCool unveiled the Morpheus, an extremely flexible ATX full-tower case. This case offers the ability to internally reconfigure its layout, allowing users to switch between a spacious single-chamber setup and a dual-chamber configuration that provides ample space for additional liquid-cooling equipment. In single-chamber mode, the motherboard tray is moved closer to the right-side panel, leaving just enough space for cable routing.

The motherboard tray itself is spacious, accommodating tall and thick graphics cards in a conventional horizontal orientation, as well as providing plenty of room for tall air CPU coolers. The bottom portion of the case is divided off in this configuration, serving as a partitioned area for the power supply unit (PSU) and several drive bays.

IMG 5531

When switching to dual-chamber mode, the Morpheus case repositions the motherboard tray away from the right side panel, resulting in a spacious area suitable for intricate DIY liquid cooling setups. The power supply unit (PSU) is also tilted sideways in this mode, and the bottom portion of the case merges with the motherboard tray. To optimize this configuration, the graphics card is meant to be installed vertically, while liquid cooling is recommended for the CPU.

Achieving this setup requires utilizing two sets of motherboard trays that are provided with the case, along with performing tool-free modifications to the case’s interior. Regardless of the mode chosen, the Morpheus case offers an abundance of fan spots, including at least two rows of 140 mm fans.

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