MSI Reveals World’s First Intel Meteor Lake Laptop “Prestige 16“ At Computex 2023

Notebookcheck made a discovery at the MSI booth revealing that one of their new systems incorporates an undisclosed Intel CPU. The system in question, called Prestige 16, is built on the Meteor Lake architecture, as confirmed by the device’s task manager and swiftly modified press release.

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Instead of hosting a standalone public event for Computex this year, Intel opted to invite select members of the media to a showcase where they presented their upcoming next-generation client platform for laptops. The product, codenamed “Meteor Lake,” is set to include a specialized VPU AI processor (Versatile Processing Unit), and Intel recognizes the immense potential in utilizing this core for contemporary AI-driven tasks.

MSI unveiled one of their forthcoming systems, the Prestige 16 EVO/Studio, at Computex this year. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that this system features a new chassis design and is distinct from any existing Intel products. In fact, the Notebookcheck team promptly noticed that the CPU displayed as “Genuine Intel(R) 0000” in the task manager, typically indicating an engineering sample.

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Nevertheless, the architecture being utilized remains unconfirmed. However, a brief examination of the physical and logical count reveals that this is indeed a new CPU boasting 16 cores and 22 threads. Intel’s existing lineup, which is based on the Raptor Lake series, reaches a maximum of 20 threads. Therefore, it can be deduced that this CPU is likely the same one showcased by Intel in a nonpublic demonstration earlier this week. This particular chip would consist of 6 Performance cores, 6 Efficient (CPU) cores, and 2 Efficient (SoC) cores.

MSI inadvertently shared an early version of the press release, which revealed the changes made by the MSI team. References to Intel’s 13th Gen Core series and specific Core i7 SKUs were removed. With this development, it is now established that Intel will be implementing a new naming scheme for its Meteor Lake mobile series, such as “Core Ultra 7 1003H.”

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MSI has indicated that the release of this laptop is scheduled for the fourth quarter, which corresponds with Intel’s timeline for the Meteor Lake notebook series.

Via Notebookcheck