Noctua Announces Massive Coolers For “Next-Gen AMD Threadripper CPUs

Noctua has unveiled its initial air coolers specifically designed for the AMD Threadripper 7000 series. These coolers, built upon the NH-U14S and NH-D9 DX-4677 models, were originally intended for AMD and Intel’s current HEDT platforms but have now been modified to support upcoming undisclosed designs.

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Noctua has not provided official confirmation regarding the specific socket to be used for the upcoming “Next-gen AMD Threadripper” as listed in the specifications. However, Tom’s Hardware swiftly conducted measurements of the CPU cold plate, revealing a match with the dimensions of the AMD SP6 design, measuring 58.5×75.4 mm.

The SP6 socket, also referred to as LGA-4844, is rumored to be employed in certain Threadripper SKUs codenamed “Storm Peak,” which will be based on the Zen4 architecture. There are speculations that AMD might also adopt the SP5 socket for more powerful Threadripper CPUs, but this information has yet to be officially confirmed.

Noctua is not the first company to unveil coolers for the AMD SP5 socket. EK has already made an announcement regarding their liquid-cooling blocks designed for the upcoming Genoa SP5 CPUs, as this socket will also be utilized by data-center CPUs.

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Regarding availability, Noctua anticipates their coolers to be released in October of this year, while the AMD Storm Peak, which is based on the same socket, is expected to arrive in the latter half of this year. AMD has not yet confirmed the specific release timing for their forthcoming Threadripper CPUs.

Via Tom’s Hardware 

Images Credit: Tom’s Hardware