Sparkle Shows World’s First Liquid-Cooled ARC A770 GPU

Sparkle has made a surprising entry into the GPU market with the assistance of Intel Arc graphics. They have unveiled a new range of graphics cards, including the top-tier Arc GPU that now comes with a water block. Sparkle has introduced all the Arc SKUs released by Intel, such as A770, A750, A380, and A310, although a few of them were showcased at Computex just this week.

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Sparkle is expanding beyond the entry-level market, as evidenced by their announcement and listing of cards like the Arc A750 and A380 GPUs on Newegg. However, high-end models like the A770 TITAN were only showcased at their Computex booth.

One intriguing prototype among them is the “Arc A770 Watercooling Concept,” which incorporates a Bitspower waterblock. Interestingly, the name of this card is not final, and it remains uncertain whether it will be released for retail purchase. Additionally, the waterblock itself can be bought separately, offering flexibility to users.

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Sparkle is actively developing the A310 Industrial Low Profile GPU, expanding their lineup to include a comprehensive range of Arc GPUs. The name suggests that this particular model may not be intended for the DIY market. However, it’s worth noting that other companies like MSI and Matrox have already introduced their own low-profile Arc GPUs.

Currently, three Sparkle GPUs can be found on Newegg, although none of them are currently in stock. The prices range from $139 for the Arc A380 to $259 for the Arc A750. Interestingly, the A770 with a waterblock is not even listed on the company website yet, but we will provide an update once it becomes available.

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Via Wccftech