Colorfire Introduces GeForce RTX 40 “MEOW” Lineup For Cat Enthusiasts

Colorful’s subsidiary, Colorfire, has launched the latest lineup of RTX-40 “MEOW” GPUs. These GPUs have been specifically created for cat enthusiasts, drawing inspiration from the feline family.

The GPU features a triple fan setup and adopts a tasteful white and beige color palette in its design. Unlike MAXSUN’s Geforce RTX 4080 iCraft, which heavily incorporates anime characters, the “MEOW” GPUs from Colorfire offer a more versatile appeal by focusing on the overall color scheme. They include a cat sticker on the fan and randomly placed tiny paw prints on the backplate and the GPU itself, without overwhelming the product with excessive cat-themed elements. This approach allows the “MEOW” GPUs to appeal to a wider audience.

IMG 5660

Considering the increasing demand for RGB options in GPUs, Colorfire has ensured that their product caters to this trend. They have included an RGB illuminated logo on the side of the graphics card, featuring paw imprints to complement the theme. Consumers can easily customize the lighting effects, color, and mode using the iGame Center software. This allows users to personalize their GPU’s aesthetics according to their preferences.

IMG 5658

The graphics card incorporates a cooling system consisting of 90+80+90mm fans, along with a 331mm long cooler, to efficiently dissipate heat. The backplate features a minimal design with concentric patterns and the standard Colorfire branding. It’s important to note that in terms of performance, this variant does not offer any enhancements and is comparable to other variants, as it utilizes reference clocks.

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Colorfire “MEOW” lineup includes the newly released RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti GPUs. These graphics cards can be purchased from various Chinese retail websites at prices of 4799 RMB and 3199 RMB, respectively.

Via Colorful