Details For ASUS Flagship GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix PCB Emerged

ASUS has generously provided a few of their newly announced GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix GPUs to the overclocking community for a live showcase and attempts to set new records. The ROG Matrix is equipped with an innovative cooling design and utilizes highly binned GPUs, offering the highest performance among all ASUS GPUs released so far.

Der8auer had the opportunity to capture the bare ROG Matrix board, without any covers, thermal compound, or isolation. This marks the first time the graphics card PCB is fully exposed to the public. Interestingly, some units have a ROG STRIX sticker, and both cards share very similar, if not identical, designs with a 24-phase VRM. However, the devil is in the details.

ASUS has announced that the ROG Matrix will introduce new temperature sensors positioned around the GPU and power stages. These sensors will enable ASUS firmware to identify areas of excessive heat caused by uneven thermal pad installation. In terms of power stages, ASUS will be replacing Onsemi with MPS components, both rated for a current of 70A.

IMG 5654

For individuals who are bothered by coil whine, the ASUS ROG Matrix comes with new inductors that are expected to exhibit “significantly less coil whine,” as confirmed by Der8auer. It’s worth mentioning that the same improved inductors will now be used in the STRIX as well, as ASUS has changed the supplier for these components.

ASUS ROG Matrix boasts several notable features, including an improved AIO 360mm cooling system and carefully selected binned GPUs. With its release, ASUS makes a highly anticipated comeback to the flagship GPU market, competing against other renowned contenders such as GALAX HOF, EVGA Kingpin, and MSI Lightning. It is worth noting that the latter two models have not yet been released, and in the case of EVGA, it is unlikely to be released in the future.