ADATA And XPG Announces NeonStorm SSD, Legend Gen 5 SSDs And Caster RGB DDR5-9000 Memory During Computex 2023

During its presence at the Computex 2023 exhibition, ADATA & XPG presented an array of Gen5 NVMe SSDs and exceptionally high-speed DDR5 memory kits. Among the highlights of ADATA & XPG’s showcase were the dynamic Gen5 NVMe SSDs with active cooling and the high-speed DDR5 memory modules. One standout product is the Project NeoStorm Gen5 M.2 SSD, which supports the latest Gen 5×4 interface, offering impressive speeds of up to 14 GB/s for reading and 12 GB/s for writing. The SSD incorporates a dual-fan cooling system that efficiently dissipates heat from the sides of the heatsink. It also boasts an extruded aluminum body with a built-in water cooling system, providing effective internal cooling for the SSD.

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The water-cooling system is contained within an acrylic block, using a coolant to absorb heat from the aluminum alloy tube situated within the casing. Additionally, the main SSD is equipped with two thermal gaskets (one on top and one on the bottom) to reduce contact thermal resistance between the heat source and the cooling device.

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According to Adata / XPG, this innovative solution provides 20% more effective heat dissipation compared to other water-cooled SSDs on the market. The SSD incorporates a Silicon Motion SM2508 Controller and delivers impressive performance with up to 2 million 4K random read/write IOPs. Anticipated to be available in the retail market next year, the drive will offer storage capacities of up to 8 TB.

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Among the showcased Gen5 NVMe SSD solutions is the LEGEND 970, powered by the Phison E26 controller, delivering speeds of up to 10 GB/s. This drive features a fanless heatsink design, claimed to provide 18% superior heat dissipation compared to similar passive designs. With storage capacities of 1 TB and 2 TB, the LEGENDD 970 is expected to achieve up to 1.4 million 4K random read/write performance. Unlike the NeoStorm, these SSDs are slated to be available in July 2023.

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In addition to the impressive Gen5 SSDs, XPG unveiled its latest offering, the CASTER RGB DDR5-9000 memory, which features XMP 3.0 profiles. A live demonstration on the MSI MEG Z790 ACE motherboard showcased the DDR5-9000 speeds at 1.1V, along with CL38-51-51-145-196-2T timings. Another showcased product was the ADATA XPG Lander OC RGB DDR5-7600 memory, which is certified for ROG motherboards. While pricing details were not disclosed, these modules are expected to be available for purchase in Q4 2023.

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