MSI Shows Off 4-Slot Coolers For Upcoming High-End GPUs During Computex 2023

MSI unveiled three cooling solution concepts at Computex: a bimetallic fin array, a 3D vapor chamber, and an integrated AIO cooler. The initial concept focuses on enhancing heat dissipation within a given cooling area by combining copper and aluminum fins. This approach capitalizes on the distinct thermal conductivity properties of both metals. Although this prototype cooler is not currently intended for a specific GPU model, the demonstration card used during the showcase was the RTX 4090 SUPRIM X (with the same PCB and I/O bracket). This suggests the possibility of employing a similar cooler for the future RTX 4090 Ti model.

IMG 5559

Additionally, the company is unveiling its DynaVC technology, a concept that combines a vapor chamber with foldable heatpipes. This innovative design resolves the problem of soldering heatpipes with the vapor chamber while simultaneously enhancing thermal conductivity and heat transfer.

Among the concepts exhibited at Computex, the third and final one is the FusionChill cooler. This design bears resemblance to Acer’s Predator concept by integrating an AIO liquid cooler into the GPU. While MSI’s approach includes visible tubes in the design, they propose an intriguing addition of copper fins on the base. This innovation has the potential to directly enhance cooling efficiency through the plate.

IMG 5558

MSI has confirmed that this particular cooling design features a radiator that is 10% larger than the standard 240mm design, accommodating 15% more water volume. However, the potential challenge lies in the thickness of this cooler.

Images Credit: BenchLife