CORSAIR Announces iCUE Link Enabled DIY Liquid Cooling Components At Computex 2023

At the 2023 Computex event, CORSAIR made a significant impact in the realm of DIY liquid cooling components. They introduced a range of new CPU water-blocks, VGA water-blocks, pump+reservoirs, and other components, all incorporating the company’s iCUE Link smart lighting system. Notably, some of these components even feature impressive LCD displays for monitoring in real-time. As a starting point, CORSAIR revealed the iCUE Link XC7 RGB Elite and iCUE Link XC7 RGB Elite LCD series CPU water-blocks.

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These CPU water-blocks from the XC7 series showcase several notable features. They are constructed using nickel-plated copper as the primary material, which provides excellent durability. For efficient heat dissipation to the coolant, these blocks incorporate micro-fin lattices. Furthermore, their coolant-flow channel design is intricately crafted to guide the coolant through the micro-fin lattice. Unlike typical DIY CPU water-blocks that have coolant fittings on top, the XC7 series cleverly positions them along the sides, adopting a mechanism similar to AIO CLCs. This design choice ensures that the top surface is freed up for either stunning lighting effects (in the case of the XC7 RGB Elite) or the inclusion of an LCD display (in the case of the XC7 RGB Elite LCD).

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At Computex 2023, CORSAIR showcased the iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite and XD5 RGB Elite LCD series of reservoirs, each equipped with integrated pumps. These cylindrical reservoirs have a capacity of 440 ml (14.9 fl oz) and feature cuboidal bases that seamlessly incorporate the pumps. They are designed with conventional G1/4″ threads for fittings and are equipped with convenient fill ports. To prevent the formation of vortices caused by the bottom-mounted pump, an anti-vortex mechanism is implemented.

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The XD5 RGB Elite reservoir stands out with its striking RGB LED setup, enhancing the visual appeal of the transparent Nylon reservoir. On the other hand, the XD5 RGB Elite LCD takes it a step further by incorporating an LCD display located in the bottom half. This display provides real-time monitoring statistics such as coolant temperature.

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In addition to reservoirs, CORSAIR also unveiled the iCUE Link XG3 RGB Elite, a graphics card water-block that adopts a “hybrid” approach. This design utilizes a combination of a cooling fan and heatsink on top of a liquid-cooled cold-plate. The GPU and memory components benefit from the liquid cold-plate cooling, while other crucial components like VRM are equipped with extruded aluminum heatsinks, effectively ventilated by a fan.

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