CORSAIR Shows Off DOMINATOR Titanium DDR5 Memory At Computex 2023

During the 2023 Computex event,CORSAIR shows off its leading PC memory collection known as the DOMINATOR Titanium DDR5 series. These impressive modules are designed to excel in overclocking and benchmark performance, offering various high-speed models like DDR5-8000 and DDR5-8266.

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They boast capacities as remarkable as 192 GB with 4x 48 GB kits. Additionally, CORSAIR has produced a special “First Edition” line consisting of only 500 kits. These exclusive editions feature an elegant gold-on-white color scheme and the company’s most meticulous manual binning process.

One standout feature of the DOMINATOR Titanium DDR5 series is their heat spreader design, which incorporates a 2 mm-thick aluminum layer that directly contacts the DRAM chips. These chips are then connected to an upper copper heatsink adorned with RGB LEDs. The top edges of the module feature mounting holes, allowing for easy bolting of 2 or 4 of these DIMMs onto CORSAIR’s latest DHX cooling module.

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DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 memory showcases a sleek and contemporary design, constructed using high-quality materials and components. It will be compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms, supporting Intel XMP 3.0 with 12th and 13th-Gen Core processors, as well as AMD EXPO for Ryzen 7000 CPUs. These advanced technologies facilitate effortless overclocking with just a few clicks on compatible platforms.

A captivating addition to the DOMINATOR TITANIUM series is the inclusion of fully replaceable top bars, offering owners the opportunity to personalize their memory according to their desired aesthetics. For those seeking a minimalist or classic style, Fin Accessory Kits are available separately. These kits replace the RGB top bars with fin-utilizing bars, evoking the elegant design reminiscent of the original DOMINATOR memory.

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This cooling solution is a substantial anodized aluminum slab that effectively absorbs and disperses heat from the DIMMs, while also allowing the RGB lighting to shine through its slats. CORSAIR provides lifetime warranties for these modules, with plans for their official launch in July 2023.

Via TechPowerUp