Cooler Master’s New Air Coolers for 2023!

We couldn’t have a complete CES 2023 coverage cycle without talking about the new air coolers from Cooler Master. The Hyper 212 has been a cooling staple for years, receiving multiple upgrades during its lifespan. This year is no different for the Hyper 212, as well as a few other coolers.

Hyper 212 Halo Series

Cooler Master is calling the Hyper 212 Halo Series a “Legend Reborn”, and we have to agree. The cooler features a four heat pipe design in a single tower, but is now paired up with Cooler Master’s new MF120 Halo2 fan.

Available at the end of January, the Hyper 212 Halo Series will be priced at $49.99.

Hyper 622 Halo Series

Featuring two towers and six total heat pipes, the Hyper 622 Halo also sports the new MF120 Halo2 fans, like the smaller Hyper 212 Halo. With an expected price of $60-70, this looks to be a great option for those needing a bit more cooling capacity than what the Hyper 212 can offer.

MA824 Stealth

Taking air cooling to the extreme is the MA824, which is just a behemoth of a cooler. This all-black cooler has been outfitted with two of Cooler Master’s brand new Mobius fans of the non-LED sort; a single 120mm, and a single 135mm. Eight heat pipes with Cooler Master’s new superconductive composite design distribute the heat load to two cooling towers. A seamless copper base lets the cooler react to the temperature spikes of modern CPUs much better than a cooler with spaced heat pipes. Expect the MA824 Stealth to retail for $99.