Apple Is Testing Its New macOS 13.3 Update On The Upcoming Mac Pro

Apple reportedly tests the latest macOS 13.3 version on the next Mac Pro. The business wants the most recent software to operate on its most powerful system till date, and based on prior launches, we may have an idea when the workstation will be available. According to a recent tweet, macOS 13.3 will be released in the spring, which may coincide with the introduction of the Mac Pro.

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Mark Gurman of Bloomberg indicated in a tweet that the Mac Pro might be released in the same season as macOS 13.3, which is expected to debut in the spring. To catch you up, macOS 11.3 was introduced in April 2021, and macOS 12.3 was released in March 2022. Spring in the United States begins in late March and finishes in late June, which implies we should keep a look out for software and Mac Pro announcements around this period.

It is unknown what new features macOS 13.3 will have, although it will presumably be tuned for the Mac Pro. When Apple formally releases the update, the changes will likely be detailed in the software log, but we believe that macOS 13.3 will be optimised to work with the M2 Ultra chipset that is likely to be a part of the Mac Pro’s internals.

It was previously rumored that the M2 Extreme SoC will not be included in the hardware specs because it was cancelled.

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The M2 Ultra will be Apple’s most powerful customized silicon, and it will be exclusive to the Mac Pro. Gurman, who previously stated that the workstation will be approximately half the size of the Intel-based model, now anticipates that Apple would keep the same chassis for the updated model, which may dissatisfy some prospective purchasers.

In addition, unlike the present Mac Pro with Intel Xeon CPUs, the RAM will not be user-upgradable, since it will be integrated into the M2 Ultra chip and cannot be removed. Perhaps a considerably enhanced version will be released when Apple unveils its replacement with a smaller chassis design, but for the time being, this is what we anticipate seeing in the spring.