The Last of Us PC Patch Improves Performance On AMD GPUs And Fixes Intel Arc GPU Boot Crashes

Naughty Dog, the developer of The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, has recently released another patch. The Last of Us PC Patch, focuses on enhancing stability and addressing specific issues. It includes general stability improvements and specifically targets an Intel Arc GPU boot crash that affects all Intel Arc GPUs.

Moreover, it offers stability enhancements for certain AMD graphics cards during extended gameplay, although specific details regarding which AMD GPUs are affected are not mentioned in the official release notes. Various patches have been released since the game’s launch in March, with the previous update, PC patch, focusing on performance, texture fidelity, and shader build times.

We at Naughty Dog and our partners at Iron Galaxy are closely watching player reports to support future improvements and patches”, the development team behind the PC version writes on the official Naughty Dog support page for The Last of Us Part 1. “We are actively optimizing, working on game stability, and implementing additional fixes which will all be included in regularly released future updates.”

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The highly acclaimed game, The Last of Us Part 1, is now available worldwide for both PlayStation 5 and PC. While initially exclusive to PlayStation 5 since its release in September, Sony launched a PC version in March 2023. However, the PC port has faced challenges and encountered several performance issues, which have been acknowledged. To address these concerns, the developers have released multiple patches, aiming to resolve the reported issues and enhance the gameplay experience.