Microsoft Xbox App To Get “Compact Mode” For Gaming Handhelds

Microsoft has begun acknowledging the growing popularity of gaming on Windows handhelds. The Game Pass library, fueled by Xbox software, is in need of an overdue update. Despite a significant revamp with Windows 11, the store and game management tool are still experiencing few issues.


The latest update prioritizes design over functionality, with the app now adapting to smaller screens. The newly introduced Compact Mode aims to enhance navigation and readability on gaming handhelds. Users can access this feature by tapping the top-left corner, offering a choice to switch to compact mode that collapses the sidebar into icons.

Moreover, Microsoft is collaborating with companies such as ASUS to have this mode enabled by default. Consequently, the app will operate in compact mode immediately after updating. While information on potential updates for Lenovo Legion Go is unavailable, all users can access this feature by ensuring they are on the latest version of the application.


Additionally, Microsoft is introducing the Game Services Repair Tool, a specialized software designed to resolve issues associated with “Gaming Services,” a frequent concern for numerous users. The Xbox app could benefit from more repair tools, particularly during game installations. The inclusion of options for data backup and transfer, independent of reliance on Windows, would be valuable. Regrettably, there is currently no information on updates regarding these features.

Via Microsoft