MiPow Maca Color iPhone 4 Charging Cases Review

Final Thoughts
For being the first products we have reviewed from MiPow I am pretty impressed.  Both of these cases not only look great, but are well built.  Most battery cases that we have seen are overly larger and are not that attractive.  The Maca Color cases have a very cool anodized metallic finish on the back and are available in 7 different colors.  These cases are also very thin, which makes it feel like you are not carrying a brick around with you as many other battery cases do.

The Air case will give you about 20-30% of your battery back and the 2200 case will give you around 70-90% so it all comes down to what type of battery you will need.  The Air is of course smaller and thinner whereas the 2200 is larger and a bit thicker.  So if you just need that little charge to get you through the day then go with the Air, but if your phone is dead by mid-day then go with with 2200.

Both cases sell for exactly the same price online at MiPow’s online store, $79.  At this price it puts them about $10 more expensive than other battery cases and it is weird that both cases are the same price, as the 2200 obviously gives you more charging power.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the MiPow Maca Color iPhone 4 Charging cases an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Attractive design
– Thin
– Easy installation

– $10 more expensive than other charging cases
– Both cases are the same price

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