Mobile App Design Trends in 2019

One of the things that mobile app developers and designers know is that they cannot stop learning. There are always new things to know and there are still so many new things that can be discovered. If they would not make any effort to make changes and to apply the things that they learn, they will only have outdated work. When people do not like what they can offer, they will not be given the chance to get more work.

If you want to continue designing mobile apps, you have to make an effort to always stay updated and to become more familiar with the things that people need. You do not have to always make your design extravagant but you need to make sure that it stands out.

How to Learn New Design Trends

Those who would like to know the new design trends do not have to take new courses every year or to check out the different webinars that are being released. Rather, they just have to make sure that they are always updated with the new design trends that are being released. The cost of app development may also change depending on the current trends but this comes with the many changes that will be made.

Some design trends may be highly popular now but it will shift a bit after some time. A person who has been doing mobile app design for a long time may be able to guess what the next designs are going to be.

The Mobile App Design Trends to Know

Are there are some app design trends that you are already incorporating? If you have not done any effort yet on incorporating different app designs, then you should know what trends you should already be doing at this time.

In-App Gestures

Take a look at the phone that you have right now. You can see that the number of buttons that the modern phone has lessened over the years. There are only a few buttons that are available now because applications are expected to be fully integrated. All of the things that people are required to do in order to use the app can be done with a few taps on the screen.

At the same time, you always have to rethink your design because your app has to fit the usual screens of mobile phones that people are using now. Most mobile phones do not come with a home button anymore and this will make a lot of difference with your choice.

It will be ideal if you could create something that is more modern and sleeker than the usual design for phones that still come with home buttons. This is a chance for you to unleash your creativity and create something that people will also appreciate.

Face ID

You can come up with a list of apps right now that use Face ID and this is something that will become even more popular this year and in the future. With the use of the Face ID, people no longer have to remember their passwords and pins. They can simply look at the screen and start using the application easily.

Material Designs

This is a type of trend right now that will show that flat design is not forever. A lot of the designs that can be seen right now come with a lot more depth as compared to before. The design of different applications right now will seem more 3D and actually, this is more pleasing to look at.

There are some additional elements that you can use in order to make your mobile app design better than the rest:

  • Use blurred backgrounds so that people will immediately know what is being highlighted.
  • Create images over images that can make people see that there is depth in the app’s design.
  • Use different degrees of opacity.

The more that you integrate these things along with the usual of being clever with color schemes, shadows, and animations, you will have an app design that people will remember for a long time.

Augmented Reality

You only have to say “Pokemon GO” to make people understand what augmented reality is. The thing is that this is not a new mobile app trend but it is expected to become even bigger this year. Applications that make use of this will make people do things in real life with the use of the app. Let us use Pokemon Go again as an example. When people used the app, they walked around with their phones in front of them. When they are looking at the app, they can see different Pokemon that they can catch. In reality, they are just walking around the supermarket.

A lot of people use this design feature to make games more realistic but it can be used for apps that may have different purposes too. It cannot be denied that this can be used to help people decide if clothes would fit them well or if the furniture can fit well in their own homes.

Using Video and Animations

What makes you like some apps even more? It is when you are usually shown a video or an animation that will help you understand how helpful the app is going to be for you. The attention span of humans has decreased over the past years probably because a lot of things that are being released right now will make it easy for people to get facts. They do not have to work too hard to gain information anymore.

Remember that there are different mobile apps that are being released to people. Your main goal is to make sure that the app that you have designed will get noticed. Tastefully use videos and animations that will make people want to learn more and use your app more.

Chat Boxes

One of the things that you will notice is that most apps that you can find right now will have chat boxes that will allow you to chat and connect with other people who are using the applications. This used to be available only for social media sites but as time went on, even gaming apps started to have chat boxes.

If you believe that the app that you are designing can be beneficial with a chatbox, then you can surely integrate this into the app’s design. It will allow people to become more engaging as they communicate with people they know and even people that they have just met.

There are different companies that can offer new and updated app designs, there are more details that can be learned when you check out There are so many things that you have yet to learn. The new trends will always make mobile app design even more exciting.

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