Modder Upgrades GeForce RTX 3070 To 16GB

A Russia-based modder, VIK-on, has once again done something interesting. The latest video demonstration on his Youtube channel shows how he managed to install 16GB memoryin his Palit GamingPro RTX 3070.

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VIK-on has uploaded two videos on his Youtube channel; one shows the procedure and the testing to successfully install 16GB memory, while the other one shows how he fixes all the issues that pop up after the upgrade.

The modder initiates the upgrade process by replacing the factory-installed Samsung’s 1GB GDDR6 memory modules (K4Z803256C-HC14) with the 2GB GDDR6 (K4ZAF3258M-HC14) modules from Samsung. All the 8 modules of the RTX 3070 are replaced; hence the memory increases to 16 GB.

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Once the modules are installed, the BIOS requires editing, but unfortunately, there is not an easy way to do it as each modification has to be approved by NVIDIA; hence the graphic cards were tricked into supporting a higher amount of RAM. This was achieved by adjusting the strap setting of the card (each NVIDIA card has this), which, if properly adjusted, will command BIOS to support the changed memory. For exp: strap set to 00000 bits are configuring RAM to Samsung 8Gb (1GB) modules, while 00001 stands for Micron. VIK-on discovered the configuration for 16 GB RAM after a lengthy trial and error process, which is 00110.

The procedure was a success as the software recognized it as RTX 3070 16GB while the card was being used in Furmark, 3DMark, or even for mining. Unfortunately, the card was unstable and displayed black screens randomly. VIK-on tackled this issue by running two tests simultaneously, Time Spy with Furmark in the background.

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The second video is about the implementation of a solution by the subscribers. The EVGA Precision clock locking method fixes the instability issue. When Furmark wasn’t running in the background, the card scored 13783 points in 3DMark Time Spy and 4914 points in Unigine Superposition’s 8K Optimized test. These results show that the upgrade was indeed a success.

Via Youtube